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501 Volley has a HOME! 

We are about to have our very own dedicated volleyball practice facility!  As of last Friday (Oct 11) 501 Volley has acquired a 25,000 square foot building that will soon be converted into an awesome four court volleyball venue.  We believe this will be a game changer for volleyball in Central Arkansas and 501 Volley.

A practice facility has been a goal of ours from the very beginning of our tenure (this will be our 5th season directing 501 Volley – formerly Fatchmo Volley).  As the club has grown so has our need for access to courts that we could control.  Over the past 18 months our search for a solution intensified, but each avenue we explored proved not to be feasible.  And then we caught a break.

The building, located at 4107 Richards Road in North Little Rock was originally an indoor soccer facility.   When we learned that the property was on the market we were amazed to discover that it was almost exactly the size we have envisioned for a four-court volleyball complex.

Our task now is to renovate the building to accommodate four beautiful indoor volleyball courts. There is a lot of work to be done, but we are hopeful that we can be playing volleyball there by January 2020.  We will keep you apprised of our progress.    

Having a dedicated facility will allow us to offer expanded programming and opportunities for our players to work on their skills.  It will also make the scheduling of practices more predictable and efficient (no more need to set up and take down the net at every practice).

We are undertaking this project in partnership with Pat Riley, a long-time coach for 501 and someone with an extensive background in developing athletic facilities.  Our entire coaching staff is very excited about this development and those who can are pitching in to help us during this transition.

From the beginning, we have been blessed with amazing players and families who have bought into our culture of reaching for the stars and training to get to the ‘next level’.  Getting to that next level requires hard work and a commitment to constant improvement.  It also requires access to courts and good coaching.  With this facility we will have all the pieces in place to develop players to their full potential.  And, we’ll have some fun doing it!

Thanks for being a part of the 501 Volleyball family!

2019-2020 Tryouts

Mark your calendars! Tryouts for the 2019-2020 Indoor Season will be here soon! 

11 and under-14 and under: Saturday, November 2nd

15 and under-18 an dunder: Sunday, November 3rd 

Location: Agape Academy (Family Life Center)
701 Napa Valley Drive
Little Rock, AR 

Tryout Schedule

Age Group Date Time
10, 11, and 12 and under local and regional Saturday, November 2 10:30-12:30
13, 14 and under LOCAL ONLY Saturday, November 2 12:30-2:00
13 and under regional, regional plus Saturday, November 2 2:00-4:00
14 and under regional, regional plus, national Saturday, November 2 4:00-6:30
15 and under Sunday, November 3 11:00-2:00
16 and under Sunday, November 3 2:00-4:30
17 and under Sunday, November 3 4:30-6:30
18 and under Sunday, November 3 4:30-6:30

Note about national fee increase

Many have noticed the increase in dues for national teams. This is due to the extension of the season to include nationals at the end of June/beginning of July. All associated fees for practices and two additional tournaments during May and June, are included in the national dues. Payments are now spread out over 7months, so there is not a dramatic increase in the monthly payment amount as compared to previous years. 

Midsouth Power League

2019-2020 Dates are Set!

December 14th ( no uniforms required)
*ACT Date: 15-18s will play PM
January 18th
February 8th
*ACT Date: 15-18s will play PM

MSPL Championship (1 day tourney format)
April 4th: 11, 12, 13
April 5th: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Registration is open through the below link:

501 Volley Invitational

Registration for the 2020 501 Volley Invitational will be availble on AES September 1, 2019. Reserve your team's spot ASAP!

Weekend 1: February 22-23 
Age Division: 13 Girls, 13 Club, 16, 17, 18

Weekend 2: Feburary 29- March 1
Age Divisions: 11, 12, 14 Girls, 14 Club, 15 Girls, 15 Club, 

Location: Riverside Park, River Center, Benton, AR
 Boys and Girls Club, Benton AR
Cost Per Team: $400

Interested in coaching?

If you are intersted in being a part of hte 501 Volley Coaching Family for the 2019-2020 season, please complete the below coaches' registration so we can get into contact with you. 


Boys Volleyball

Do you have a son intersted in playing boys volleyball??

We will be providing boys volleyball instrcution this fall and spring. Please complete the registration in the below purple link, so that we can keep you updated on upcoming opportunities. 

Boys Volleyball Grant

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Delta Region of USA Volleyball to use for the promotion of boys volleyball. These funds will be used to help offset the cost of gym rental and entry fees for boys open gyms and 501 Volley boys teams for the 2019-2020 season. 

Functional Training

It is time to get in shape for your school and club season! We will be offering functional training sessions every Saturday between July 20- October 26. 

Who:  Athletes entering 8th-12th grade
Time: 8:30-9:30
Location: Access Schools- 1500 N. Mississippi, Little Rock:  
Cost: $15/session ($10/session if you register for 10 or more sessions)
Registration: through the below link

(training time will be approximately 45 minutes, no volleyball drills or  coaching will take place during open gym time after 8/24 per AAA rules)
*if interested in private lesson skill instruction, please email:

Practice Locations

Agape Church
701 Napa Valley Drive
Little Rock, AR

Apostolic Church
4314 Landers Road
North Little Rock, AR

Access Schools
1500 N. Mississippi Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72207

501 Volley on You Tube

We now have an official You Tube channel. Check here for team and individual highlight videos!

Check us out on social media!

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