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2019-2020 Tryouts

Mark your calendars!

Tryouts for the 2019-2020 Indoor Season will be here soon! More infomration to come.

11 and under-14 and under: Sunday, October 27th

15 and under-18 an dunder: Sunday, November 3rd 

Functional Training

It is time to get in shape for your school and club season! We will be offering functional training sessions every Saturday between July 20- October 26. 

Who:  Athletes entering 8th-12th grade
Time: 8:30-10:00
Location: Access Schools- 1500 N. Mississippi, Little Rock:  
Cost: $15/session ($10/session if you register for 10 or more sessions)
Registration: through the below link

(training time will be approximately 45 minutes, with open gym time following- no coaching will take place during open gym time after 8/24 per AAA rules)
*if interested in private lesson skill instruction, please email:

Interested in coaching?

If you are intersted in being a part of hte 501 Volley Coaching Family for the 2019-2020 season, please complete the below coaches' registration so we can get into contact with you. 


Tournament Results

Lonestar Classic National Qualifier
13 Purple- 101st in American 
14 National- 5th in American
14 Purple- 43rd in Club
15 National- 49th in USA
15 Purple- 9th in Club
16 National-9th in American
16 Purple- 63rd in American
17 National- 29th in American
17 Purple- 73rd in American

 Show  Me National Qualifier
15 National- 47th in USA
16 National-42nd in USA
17 National-33rd in USA
18 National- 13th (Bronze Champions)
18 Purple-7th (Silver Champions)

Delta Region Championship
12  Purple- 13th
12 Black-28th
13 Purple- 5th
13 Black- 21st
13 White- 31st
14 Black-25th
14 White- 7th (Club)
15 Purple- 3rd
15 Black- 28th
15 White- 36th
16 Purple- 2nd
16 Black- 9th

Ozark Invitational
14 National- 2nd Place
18 National- 6th Place

Midsouth Power League Championship
12 Purple-3rd
12 Black-
13 Purple- 1st
13 Black-
13 White-
13 Pink-
13 Lime- 
14 Black-
14 White- 2nd
14 Pink-3rd
14 Lime-
15 Black-1st
15 White-3rd
16 Black- 1st

Volley in the Rock
12 Black-16th
12 Purple-17th
13 Purple-13th
13 Black- 17th (Silver Bracket Champions)
13 White- 29th
14 National- 3rd
14 Purple-12th
14 Black -1st in Classic 
14 White-3rd in Classic
15 National-2nd
15 Purple-19th
15 Black-21st
15 White-3rd in Classic
16 National-2nd
16 Purple-5th
16 Black-22nd
17 National-3rd
17 Purple- 3rd
18 National-5th
18 Purple- 7th (Silver Bracket Champions)

501 Volley Invitational
12 Purple: 9th
12 Black: 10th
13 Lime: 3rd in Classic
13 Purple: 8th in Club
13 Black: 9th in Club
13 White: tied for 21st in Club
13 Pink: tied for 21st in Club
14 National: 1st
14 Purple: 9th
14 Black: 28th
14 White: 32nd
15 National: 2nd
15 Purple: 5th
15 Black: 18th
15 White: 27th
16 National: 1st
16 Purple: 2nd
16 Black: 5th
17 National: 2nd
17 Purple: 3rd
18 National: 2nd
18 Purple: 4th

Battle at the Fort
14 National: 2nd Place
14 Purple:  22nd Place
13 Purple: 9th Place
15 National: 2nd Place
15 Purple:15th Place
16 National: 2nd Place
16 Purple: 12th Place
17 National: 5th Place (tie)
17 Purple:  5th Place (tie)
18 National: 11th Place
18 Purple: 9th Place

Memphis Challenge
12 Purple: 12th
12 Black: 21st
13 Purple: 13th
13 Black: 27th
13 White: 35th
14 National: 2nd in Power
 14 Purple: 12th in Club
14 Black: 21st in Club
14 White: 7th in Classic
15 National: 3rd in Power
15 Purple: 3rd in Club
15 Black: 5th in Club
15 White: 25th in Club
16 National: 3rd in Power
16 Purple: 3rd in Club
16 Black: 15th in Club (Silver Champions)
17 National: 3rd in Power
17 Purple: 9th in Club
18 National: 3rd in Club
18 Purple: 15th in Club

Practice Locations

Agape Church
701 Napa Valley Drive
Little Rock, AR

Apostolic Church
4314 Landers Road
North Little Rock, AR

Access Schools
1500 N. Mississippi Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72207

Pleasant Valley Church of Christ
10900 N. Rodney Parham Avenue
Little Rock, AR

EPIC Training Center
9414 Colonel Glenn Road
Little Rock, AR 

501 Volley on You Tube

We now have an official You Tube channel. Check here for team and individual highlight videos!

501Volley 501 Volley 501Volley

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