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501 Invitational Pool Wave Times and Locations

Saturday Pool Wave Times and Locations

Weekend 1: February 23-24
13s: PM (*1-2 pools will be AM); River Center
16s: AM; River Center
17/18s: AM and PM; Boys and Girls Club 

Weekend 2:  March 2-3
11s: AM and PM; Benton Middle School
12s: AM and PM ; Benton Middle Schools (*1 pool at River Center)
14s: AM; River Center and Boys and Girls Club
15s: PM; River Center and Boys and Girls Club

Tournament Results

We had a terrific showing by 501 Volley teams at the Battle at the Fort and the Memphis Challenge to kick off the 2019 season! Way to go ladies!

Battle at the Fort
14 National: 2nd Place
14 Purple:  22nd Place
13 Purple: 9th Place
15 National: 2nd Place
15 Purple:15th Place
16 National: 2nd Place
16 Purple: 12th Place
17 National: 5th Place (tie)
17 Purple:  5th Place (tie)
18 National: 11th Place
18 Purple: 9th Place

Memphis Challenge
12 Purple: 12th
12 Black: 21st
13 Purple: 13th
13 Black: 27th
13 White: 35th
14 National: 2nd in Power
 14 Purple: 12th in Club
14 Black: 21st in Club
14 White: 7th in Classic
15 National: 3rd in Power
15 Purple: 3rd in Club
15 Black: 5th in Club
15 White: 25th in Club
16 National: 3rd in Power
16 Purple: 3rd in Club
16 Black: 15th in Club (Silver Champions)
17 National: 3rd in Power
17 Purple: 9th in Club
18 National: 3rd in Club
18 Purple: 15th in Club

Practice Locations

Agape Church
701 Napa Valley Drive
Little Rock, AR

Apostolic Church
4314 Landers Road
North Little Rock, AR

Access Schools
1500 N. Mississippi Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72207

Pleasant Valley Church of Christ
10900 N. Rodney Parham Avenue
Little Rock, AR

EPIC Training Center
9414 Colonel Glenn Road
Little Rock, AR 

501 Volley on You Tube

We now have an official You Tube channel. Check here for team and individual highlight videos!

501Volley 501 Volley 501Volley

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