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3rd-6th Youth League Round 1 Schedule

The below document has the practice and game schedule for Round 1 of the 3rd-6th grade youth league. 

Teams will alternate practice times each week (either 6 or 7 pm), so please inform your team of what time they practice each week.  All practices will be on Wednesday evenings.

Friday matches will be primarily at 6 AND 7 PM, but 2 teams each week will play at 5PM. Please note on schedule.

 The match schedule for week 3 and 4 will be posted soon. The document will be updated and noted as such at that time.

3rd-6th Grade League Information

We will be offering two separate 4 week long 3rd-6th grade volleyball leagues. The league is open to girls and boys. You can register a team or a free agent player that we will help put on a team.

 League Round 1: July 21-August 13
League Round 2: September 8-October 3

To find out more, read the below document links or go to the  information tab- 3rd-6th grade league.

Sports Specific Weight Training @ 501 Volley

Current Weight Training Times

Monday and Wednesdays

Beginner Group: 2-3PM
Intermediate Group: 3-4PM

Each session is $15 per athlete.

It is recommended that athletes complete two weight training sessions per week to get the full benefit of weight training. 

To join  a training group, or for questions, please email

2021 College Committments

We are so proud to recognize our graduating class of 2021 on their committments to play at the next level!

Katie Atkinson- University of Central Arkansas (D1-BEACH)
Aleya Kennedy- University of Tennessee Chattanooga (D1)
Hannah  Brewer- Southeastern Louisiana University (D1)
Jada Lawson- University of Arkansas (D1)
Layla Wilson- Lyon College (NAIA)
Kenzie Hanks- Central Baptist College (NAIA)
Mary Katherine Ashburn- Tusculum College (D2 Beach)
Madelyn Hoskins- Kentucky Wesleyan College (D2)
Presley Hamric- Central Baptist College (NAIA)
Samantha Still- Southern Arkansas University (D2)
Tinleigh Ruhman-Central Baptist College (NAIA)
Lauren Whitehead- Hendrix University (D3)
Marissa Spakes- Central Baptist College (NAIA)
Alexa Heard- Southern Arkansas University (D2)
Catalina Williams- Hendrix College (D3)
Sheridan Rogers- Central Baptist College (NAIA)
Lilly Ruston- John Brown University (NAIA)
Landry Cate- Cowlege College (JUCO)
Mary Insalaco- Cowlege Colleg (JUCO)
Mariah Ellis- Lee College (JUCO)

Indoor & Beach Practice Location

501 Volley Facility
4107 Richards Road
North Little Rock, AR 72117