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USAV Membership Information

2020-2021 USAV Membership Information

TRYOUT MEMBERSHIP (new for 2020-2021 season)
New for this season, the region will allow an athlete to  purchase a TRYOUT MEMBERSHIP that only cost $10 and is good until November 29, 2020. If the player decides to participate for a club  they will need to register for a regular membership to be posted to a team roster--and the $10 tryout membership fee will go towards the price of the regular season membership which is $52.

In order to be placed on a team roster and particpate in practices and tournaments, all players must have an active 2020-2021 USAV season membership. The cost is $52. If a player selects to purchase a "tryout membership" , once determining they will play on a team for the season they will need to upgrade their membership to the regular season membership in order to be placed on the team roster and be able to participate in practices and events.

To purchase a membership go here:

New membership and club selection process

When a membership is purchased, you will NOT HAVE the option of associating yourself with a club. This is different than past seasons. 

When a volleyball club invites members to join and play for their Club, members may receive two emails.  If you are not already in the club's directory the first email is an invitation to join a Club's directory, and the second is an official USA Volleyball club association assignment request.


(This is not accepting team assignment.  Only providing information for the club's directory so they can communicate with you.)

  1. Confirm you, the Parent/Guardian, have a SportsEngine Account. 

  2. A Club will send your player an invitation to join their club to your (parent/guardian) email. 

    • This is not an official invitation to play but is required to add your player's information to your household. 

  3. Navigate to your email and open the "Invite: Join Volleyball Club Name Site."

  4. Click Accept Invitation.

  5. Click Get Started. 

  6. Select "I am Player's Parent/Guardian" and click next.

  7. Select "Add Player's Name as a new household member" and click Next

    • This will create the sub-profile for the player within your household. 

    • If you see your player's name already listed, select their name.  

  8. Confirm/Enter all of your Player's Information and click Accept Invitation.



If a club wants a player to play for their Club, they will receive a second message. 

Important Note: Players can only accept an assignment from ONE club.

If a player receives multiple offers, do not click "Accept Assignment" unless it is the club they wish to play for. Whichever club you click "Accept Assignment" for, you will officially become part of that club. 

1.  Navigate to your email and open the email "Accept Your Assignment from Little Rock Juniors Volleyball!"

  1. Click Accept Assignment.

    • This action cannot be undone. By clicking this, you are officially accepting the invitation to play for this Club.  

  2. Confirm/Enter your Athlete's Information and click Next.

  3. Confirm/Enter your information (parent/guardian), click Next.

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the assignment process. 

    • If you have not already purchased a membership from the Region, it will ask you to sign waivers for an 18 and under player, and buy a membership. 

    • If you already have a membership, you will not be required to enter that information again.

2020-2021 Age Group Defintions

Please view the USAV 2020-2021 Age Defintion Chart through the below purple link to verify your player's age group for the upcoming season. Age groups are determined by birth month and year, and not grade in school. There will no longer be age waivers provided for players to play down with their grade level. If you have questions, please ask us!

How to Access your USAV Membership card

Digital cards can only be accessed on a mobile device. There are two ways your Clubs’ members can access their digital player cards.Through the email which is sent after player cards have been printed. • From their SportsEngine Account. 

How to Access Digital Cards via Email 
1. From a smartphone, navigate to your email inbox and open the “[Region or Club] Membership Email.” 
2. Scroll to the bottom of the email. 
3. Under the digital card for the member, tap Add to Apple Wallet ---OR--- Add to G Pay. 

How to Access Digital Cards via SE Account 
1. From a smartphone, open your browser and go to 
2. From the top right corner, tap Sign In and access your account. 
3. Tap your profile picture or initials. 
4. Tap My Account. 
5. From the top-left portion of the screen, click > My Account > Profiles. 
6. Tap Add to Apple Wallet ---OR--- Add to G Pay.


As a rule, the Delta Region will not refund membership purchases. Special cases of hardship and injury prior to using a full membership will be examined on a case-by-case basis. If a refund is approved, credit card service fees will be applied. Any membership refunds will be pro rated based on the length of utilization. 


It is recommended that athletes purchase the Tryout Membership while participating in club tryouts. If you are new to Junior Volleyball or you are not sure you want to play this season, the Delta Region now offers a $10 tryout fee which is cost-effective. If you are chosen for a team the $10 will be taken off the total cost of a ‘Regular Junior Membership’.



Once a player commits to the club, the club will then be able to put that player on the roster of a team. The player is then officially committed to that club. Any financial commitments made to a club are between the individual and the club (not the Delta Region) ~ Clubs are private enterprises.

Once he/she accept's a Club's Invitation that player is committed to a club for the entire USA Volleyball season which concludes at the end of the Junior National Championships in July. 

NOTE:  Only a change in geographical location of the family due to a change in job, military, scholastic or inner-collegiate status may receive special consideration. Application for a waiver to the Transfer Policy must be made by the parent of the player to the Delta Region Commissioner using the same said form below. 

What if the team has disbanded and no longer intends to participate? A player can be reassigned to a different club in the Delta Region if the team the player is currently affiliated with has disbanded and no longer intends to participate in any USA Volleyball sanctioned event, whether in or outside the Delta Region. This must be confirmed by the Club Director before any contact can be made with the player. Players from a disbanded team may request a transfer using the same said form below. A disbanded team may withhold such authorization if the player(s) is/are not in good standing with the club. Any financial commitments to a club are between the individual and the club~ Clubs are private enterprises.

If a player on a disbanded team transfers without filing the proper written authorizations, then the player and the new team/club may be sanctioned.