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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The focus of our youth programming is FUNdamentals! Our goal is to develop correct volleyball form and technique as well as volleyball IQ. We incorporate a variety of motor learning  and development strategies to achieve this aim.  In order to do so we incorproate more than just volleyball skills to introduce volleyball movements as well as ball skills; including but not limited to, agility training, jumping skills, use of a variety of balls (balloons, tennis balls, Ollyballs, volley lites), obstacle course, mini nets, hitting boxes, and targets. We also incorporate fun games during play to teach these young athletes how to communicate effectively during team play. Our youth programs are designed  by our directors who are phsyical therapists, with Robyn speciliazing in Pediatrics with experience across all settings of pediatric physical therapy, with her favorite focus area being early intervention/development therapy.  Our athletes recieve a lot of positie reinforcement during each session, and are always eager to come back for more! 

All youth programs are ran out facility located at 4107 Richards Road, North Little Rock, AR 72117

Volley TOTS: 5-7 year olds
Fridays from 5-6PM; $5 at the door, no committment required

This program is intended for novice athletes, and will focus on movement patterns and footwork required to correctly perform passing, setting, and hitting. Ball skills for passing, setting, hitting, and serving are introduced using a variety of balls and techniqes to promote success as well as skill development. The athletes' favorite part of each session is the obstacle course that incorporates the movements and ball skills focused on each session; including passing/diving/rolling, running to set, and approaching to hit. 

Volley KIDS: 8-10 year olds
Fridays 5-6PM; $15 at the door, no committment required

This program is appropriate for both novice volleyball players as well as those with foundational skill training and experience.  A variety of training methods are incorporated to promote motor learning, skills aquisition, and fun! While all skills are taught and practiced durign each session, the major focus of our Volley Kids training is passing and serving, as these are the most important skills for players to achieve prior to joining a competitve volleyball team. Each athlete leaves the session with 2-3 small ball control skill drills to work on at home; using just a volleyball and a wall.

5th-6th Grade League 
We will be offering a league for 5th and 6th teams starting after labor day. Intersted in joining? For information

Check out our tots & kids in action!